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Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in the north-central part of Brooklyn.  It is bordered on the east by Bedford-Stuyvesant, next to Fort Greene on the west, just north of Wallabout Bay and right above Prospect Heights.  Clinton Hill is one of Brooklyn’s most popular spots for living and visiting, known for being a strong community where there is something for just about everybody. 

During the 1840’s Clinton Hill was a fashionable neighborhood for the wealthy of Brooklyn to reside in.  Residents would commute to Manhattan by stagecoach to the Fulton ferry in nearby Brooklyn Heights.  Just 40 years later Clinton Avenue was full of millionaires living in mansions.  Charles Pratt actually built a mansion for himself and three of his sons as wedding presents.  These mansions still exist today, between DeKalb and Willoughby Streets.  Mr. Pratt is also the founder of one of the leading art, design and architecture schools in the United States, Pratt Institute, located on 200 Willoughby Avenue.  Pratt Institute is known for its world-class sculptures, free roaming cats, famous power plant and more the reason Clinton Hill is becoming an increasing arts community. 

           Crime and public school ratings are below average and the large variety of restaurant cuisine is what drives more and more people in.  Full of historic and charming architecture, Clinton Hill is a more affordable alternative to Manhattan, with majestic homes, 19th century mansions and of course brownstone-renovation enthusiasts.  Whether you’re looking to attend Pratt, renovate a beautiful townhouse, or be surrounded by an unforgettable group of people and history, Clinton Hill is the place to be.

          Some bars and restaurants in the neighborhood include Hanson Dry; a subtle fifties style lounge and Le Grand Dekar which serves up some tasty Senegalese fair.   If it is Italian that you crave, drop in to Locanda Vini on Gates avenue which is located inside of an old school pharmacy.

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