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Tatiana Cames assists buyers who are looking to find for their perfect New York home in a timely manner, and those wishing to to restore a home to its original style. She is sought out by sellers for her track record of obtaining the highest sale prices on the market.  Tatiana’s success as a broker stems from her astute perception of townhome values, which she has gained through her personal experience renovating a West Village townhome as well as more recent properties in Brooklyn.  This firsthand experience, in combination with her savvy marketing, understanding of local neighborhoods, and negotiating skills underlies her and her clients’ successes.

Townhouse Therapy represents the next step in Tatiana’s evolution as a real estate professional and her service to clients. 

Through Townhouse Therapy, Tatiana will share with clients her deep understanding of the townhome ownership – whether as one’s primary residence or an investment property – through the complete lifecycle of their ownership.  Additionally, Tatiana will make available to clients her extensive resources in property management, architecture, construction, and permitting.  This evolution of her vision reflects Tatiana’s belief that clients can best maximize their townhome’s value through a long-term program of improvement, maintenance and development that is mindful of local factors. 

While her skills as a broker allow her to maximize a property’s sale price at the time of sale, her experience as an owner, renovator, investor and inhabitant have left her with knowledge and contacts whereby she can maximize a townhome’s value during the entire continuum of habitation and ownership. 

Tatiana founded Townhouse Therapy with a belief that Townhomes are living investments whose comfort for a family or income potential, grow with careful planning and the right team.  Through Townhouse Therapy, Tatiana will provide expertise long after the initial transaction, ensuring that her client’s elegant and historic homes attain their full potential.

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