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From the early 1990’s, when she purchased and renovated an Italianate townhouse in the West Village, to her recent investments in Historic Brooklyn, Tatiana Cames has cultivated an understanding of the true value of townhouses by actively restoring historic homes to their full splendor Tatiana’s understanding townhomes history, restoration needs, as well as the character of local neighborhoods has been essential to her success as a broker. Families, international clients, and investors who share a love of village's unique architecture and history find a dedicated and dependable resource in Tatiana.  

As author of the "Historic Townhouses" series, Tatiana continues to perfect her knowledge of New York's history and architecture. She benefits from seventeen years' in the village, nurturing entrepreneurial ventures, and later her family, all the while watching Greenwich Village evolve from its artsy past into its eclectic, yet established present. With these roots, Tatiana can advise clients in finding the perfect home owing to her knowledge of each neighborhood's unique offerings: from the best butcher to the best chess teacher, she has helped countless families settle in and get comfortable. Also important to Tatiana's clients are her marketing and sales skills, developed while running a language training business, which ensure timely sales. Finally, as a native of Slovakia, with a BA in Political Science from NYU and fluency in six languages (French, Spanish, Slovak, Russian, Italian in addition to English), she is particularly well suited to understand the needs of expatriates and visitors from outside the United States.

Recently Tatiana has expanded her area of expertise to include Historic Brooklyn and focusing on single, multifamily and investment properties. In addition to established areas such as Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, growing areas such as Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Bed Stuyvesant and Crown Heights offer buyers tremendous value and opportunity.  Maneuvering through various difficult transactions such as short sales and SRO sales, her knowledge of challenging townhouse sales and the resources needed to complete these sales is an asset to both buyers and sellers.  Tatiana seeks to welcome new caretakers to the city's most unique properties -- to find their dream homes and realize the passion of owning historic property in this remarkable city.

Tatiana’s newest venture, Townhouse Therapy, will take Tatiana’s already high quality service to the next level for purchasers and sellers of townhouses by expanding to also become a resource for restoration experts, contractors, architects, designers, buyers, and sellers. The goal of Townhouse Therapy is to help trepidatious buyers find their right neighborhood and the right home by first educating them on the townhouse, its style, and its possibilities, as well as the neighborhoods they are interested in.  Furthermore Townhouse Therapy will assist buyers and sellers in all areas of the property transaction from finding the right attorney to finding engineers, inspectors, and architects.


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