Minimalism: Reconstruction of a Townhouse

Originally appeared on Apr 11, 2022 on minimalism

Reconstruction of a townhouse in Brooklyn by TBo & Hovey Design

Minimalism TBo Hovey Design Townhouse

Studios TBo and Hovey Design have renovated a townhouse in Brooklyn. The two-story brick townhouse from 1899 has been completely redesigned and extended to allow access to light, and a full-sized addition has been added to the courtyard side.

The customer for this project is real estate specialist Tatyana Kames, who founded her own company in 1992. Her company has a division that specializes in looking for historic buildings that have fallen into disrepair and completely redoing them. Tatiana hired architects Tom Dalmas and Breten Wallizer (TBo) for a major renovation of the house. The building, with its leaking roof, was abandoned and divided into small, poorly renovated apartments. Windows in the old brick walls were enlarged on each floor to create a flowing series of brick arcades between the existing rooms and the new ones…

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