Buying a Home

Whether this is your first home, or you’ve purchased several before, the process remains the same.

Congratulations you are about to buy your first townhome in the New York City area! Whether this is your first home, or you’ve purchased several before, the process remains the same. New York city homes are unique and therefore contracting, financing options, and inspection requirements vary from home to home. Tatiana Cames has more than 20 years experience working with buyers in New York City, specifically the West Village and Brooklyn. She uses her knowledge of townhome history and renovation potential to negotiate and get her clients the best deals available in a very timely manner. Tatiana also gives her client’s access to a range of architects, engineers, lawyers, and contractors via Townhouse Therapy even after point of purchase. Review these important factors before you begin your search for a townhome in Brooklyn or the West Village.

Which area is right for me? Brooklyn or the West Village?

Brooklyn is a more affordable alternative to Manhattan, but with majestic homes and 19th century mansions, plus a variety of cuisine, more and more people are drawn in.

The West Village is occupied with professionals in high-rent apartments next to bohemian, long-time residents paying cheap rents due to rent control laws. Dozens of small restaurants and cafes spill onto the sidewalks alongside a variety of small shops. The village is an exciting mix of history and artistic vibe, and one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city.

How Much Can I afford

Generally speaking, you will be expected to put down 10-20% of the appraised value of a home depending on your credit score. While some banks don’t require you to put down a payment, it is best to do so because you’ll get a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments.

You will also need 1-8% of the purchase price to close the deal. In general, the more expensive the home, the less expensive the closing costs. Tatiana will go through the specific costs that are unique to your needs when the time comes to look for a home.

What should I expect to discuss with Tatiana during this process?

Perhaps the most important topic Tatiana will discuss with you is in which area you are looking to buy and how much you are looking to pay. Once that is discovered, she can fit your needs to the features in her listings to find you the perfect home. Tatiana can educate you on the potential of various townhomes in terms of renovation and profiting when it comes time to sell again. Over the course of the buy, you will need to get information about the building you’ve chosen such as terms of lease and the physical condition of the house.

When it comes time to purchase she will explain her negotiating strategy and make an offer that you feel is fair including price, amount to be finance, occupancy date, and closing date. When everything is as you wish, you can sign a contract. Only at this point will you be legally obligated to the seller of the home.

Tatiana specializes in townhouse restoration and will not only take you from the prospect of buying a time home through to point of purchase in record time, she will stay with you to provide education and consultation on how to best maintain your townhome. Tatiana and Townhouse Therapy provide buyers with access to dozens of lawyers, contractors, engineers, and architects as they begin a journey to making their townhouse a home.

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